Are ED Pills right for you?

Ask the over 140 million men worldwide that suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) this question, and they will likely respond with a resounding "Yes". The fact is that ED pills, like the branded Viagra and Cialis, as well as the generic versions such as Zenegra, are the most effective form of addressing the symptoms of ED.

Sexual dysfunction isn't just something that impacts a man's ability to get intimate with his wife, girlfriend, partner or lover. It has much broader physical and psychological impacts, including:

  • men suffering from ED usually also suffer from lack of confidence
  • ED is almost always accompanied by depression
  • lack of sexual performance leaves men in bad moods, ill temper, irritable
  • individuals suffering from ED are more likely to experiment with other non-mainstream ways to relieve sexual tensions, some of which could be extremely unsafe and pose huge health risks

Looking for the signs of ED

PDE5-inhibitorsMany people confuse ED with lack of (or low) libido - the desire to have sex. While ED may ultimately cause individuals to lose interest in having sexual relationships, it is not caused by low libido. Typical signs that a man is suffering from ED include:

  • the inability to get an erection even with sexual stimulation
  • getting erections that aren't hard enough to perform sexual activity
  • inability to sustain an erection long enough to perform most sexual activity

Men should understand that ED could (and often does) even effect individuals with a perfectly healthy libido. Men might be extremely aroused (libido) and be prepared to engage in sexual intercourse. However, because of the reasons outlined earlier (ED induced restricted blood flow to the penis), they are unable to fully indulge in sex.

Opting for ED pills

ED is primarily a result of constricted flow of blood to a man's penile region. This reduced blood flow impedes the muscles of a man's penis from creating an erection, or from sustaining one for a sufficient time for him to enjoy sex. ED pills help to restore the normal flow of blood to the penis, which then helps the muscles create an erection that aids in penetration and ejaculation.

But orally ingested ED pills are not the only option available to deal with ED. Some doctors will prescribe injection-based drugs that work in the same manner as ED pills. Patients inject the penis with those drugs shortly prior to engaging in sexual activity. Once the effects of the drugs kick in, a man's penis gets engorged with blood flow, which renders it capable of sexual function.

While PDE5 inhibitors in the ED pills work in tandem with our brains, which send signals to the penile muscles to expand and increase blood flow, injected medication acts more locally in the penile region to accomplish the same end result. The choice of which option to go with will largely depend upon:

  • medical recommendation of a doctor or other qualified health care professional
  • the comfort level, and skill, of a patient to inject himself with the drugs

While physicians may prescribe the best option for their patients, statistics indicate that orally administered ED pills are the most common treatment option for ED and related symptoms. They are:

  • safe to administer
  • convenient to handle
  • effective in their result

ED pills might therefore be the best option for you too.