Sildenafil Side Effects

As the key ingredient in popular ED treatments like Viagra and Zenegra, the phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitor Sildenafil is extremely effective in restoring blood flow to a man's penile region. As a result, men are able to achieve a more robust erection and sustain it longer, enabling them to perform normal sexual activity. However, like for most medications today, users of drugs (like Zenegra) containing Sildenafil, should always be vigilant about their side effects.

Common Sildenafil side effects

The most commonly reported side effects of using Sildenafil-based drugs are:

  • stomach pains
  • diarrhea
  • nausea
  • nasal congestion
  • headaches and
  • facial flushing

happy_couplePatients using Sildenafil-based medication have also reported dizziness, blurry vision and loss of hearing when they start taking these drugs.

Patients taking medication for treatment of heart conditions, like Angina, are more susceptible to experiencing side effects of Sildenafil. That's because Sildenafil can contribute to increasing blood pressure, which in turn can decrease the efficacy of nitrate-based drugs used to treat angina and other cardiovascular conditions.

Some patients have also experienced specific sensations, during sexual activity when using Sildenafil-based medication, including tingling feelings in their neck, arms, jaw and chest. These sensations could be indicative of side effects brought on by Sildenafil.

While the following is not an exhaustive list of Sildenafil side effects, you may be suffering from the adverse impact of the drug if you:

  • experience loss of vision suddenly
  • hear your ears ringing or suddenly experience loss of hearing
  • experience heart arrhythmia or irregular heart beat
  • feel you run short of breath, especially during or after sexual activity
  • get a sense of light-headedness or giddy feeling
  • find your ankles, hands or feet start swelling
  • experience back aches
  • suffer from memory losses
  • get a painful erection which lasts for a long (4+ hours) time

Dealing with Sildenafil side effects

Some of these side effects are relatively mild, such as blurry vision, and most will dissipate within a few hours of ingesting Sildenafil-based medication. However, other side effects, such as chest pains or shooting pains up the arms or legs might represent more serious underlying medical conditions, including an onset of a stroke or heart attack.

To avoid the unintended consequences of using Sildenafil, it is always recommended that drugs (such as Zenegra) should not be combined with other PDE5 inhibitors. The combination of both drugs could lead to serious side effects. Similarly, to ensure that these drugs work effectively and do not result in unintended side effects, avoid taking PDE5 inhibitors with alcohol or other heavy intoxicants.

Strict observance of dosage, frequency of use and mode of administration should also be a priority if one is to avoid serious side effects. Follow the literature closely, and consult with a medical professional prior to starting a course of Sildenafil drugs.

If you do start experiencing any of the side effects described here, you should immediately stop any (sexual) activity you may be involved in, as that could trigger even more serious symptoms. Consult with a qualified physician or pharmacist immediately upon experiencing any suspected side effects.